Dear Brethren:

I am directed by the Worshipful Master, Donald B. Doucette, to request your attendance at the stated meeting of John Albro Lodge, #122, A.F. & A.M., Thursday, February 26th 2015 at 7:30 pm in the Bedford Masonic Hall, 10 Dartmouth Road, Bedford.

Thank you

Rob Hillier :Secretary



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Open on the First Degree at 7:30 pm
•All business regularly and constitutionally brought before the lodge.
•Entered Apprentice Examination for Brothers Deryck Stevens, Cole Crouse & Colin MacDonald.
•Ballot on Petitions for Initiation: Mr. Thomas E. Wheeler
Mr. Kevin Joseph Whalen •Annual Election of Officers
•Closing and refreshment.



Doug Borgal (1965)* Peter C. Bruner (1966)
Dale Smith (1969)* Owen Walton (1982)
Ed Verge (1983)* William A. Lane (1987)
Phillip S. Gordon (1989) Gerry Mandy (1989)*
Kenneth Holmes (1990)* George Stewart (1993)
Terry Rowell (1995)* Jamie Keyes (1998)
Assad (Sid) Chedrawe (1999) Dennis Kaiser (1999)*
John L. Leitch (2002) Michael A. Gibson (2003)
Robert Hillier (2004) Alan E. Moore (2005)
Wheldon G. Lowe (2006) Pat O'Neill (2006)
Angus D. Borland (2007) Donald B. Doucette (2008)
Raymond Doucette (2008)* Ronald M. Russell (2008)*
Harry W. Martin (2009)* Todd C. Webber (2010)
Vernon D. Miller (2011) John F. Cameron (2012)
1951 Dewey Dauphinee, Charter Member * (51 G.L.N.S.)
1954 Frederick White
1959 Peter Bruner
1963 William S. MacDonald
1964 Owen Walton
1968 Thomas A. Andrews
1969 James E. Kirby, Alan Moore
1981 William Lane
1986 Phillip S. Gordon, Daniel A. Killen
1988 Raymond H. Walsh
1989 George A. Stewart
1990 Howard L. Meek, Allan W. Moore
1993 Assad Chedrawe, Jamie Keyes, Galil Thome
1994 Gregory MacKenzie
1995 John Leitch
1996 Michael Gibson, Rick Langille
1997 Robert Hillier, Wheldon Lowe
1998 Angus Borland, Todd Webber
2002 Donald Doucette
2003 Gerald Mandy
2004 Gerald Norman
2005 Leroy Pelley
2006 Kevin Allen, Parker Courtney, David Lawrence, John Cameron*,
Gerald Settle
2007 Terence Rowell*, Douglas Borgal*, Bennett McCarty*, Donald
Baker*, Ed Verge*, Patrick O’Neil*, Ken Holmes*, Dale Smith*,
2008 Jeffery Ross, Jerry Bloomfield, Derrick Lowe, Wesley Anthony,
Richard Hutchinson, Douglas Waterfield*, Dan Hamilton, David Gray*, Ray Doucette*, John Miller*, Al Wight*, George Abboud*, Jim Davison*, David Skinner*, Vern Miller*
2009 Dennis Kaiser*, Huseyin Sahlan, Andrew Grainger, Peter Orser*,
Glenn Hines*, Tom Rogers*, Finley Evong*, Gerry White
2010 Philip Myers, Tim Mason, Brian Evans, Pete Braun, Asil Ozgun,
Trevor Rogers*, Bud MacLean*, Neil Manthorne, Angus Tulloch*, Douglas Cochrane*
2011 Ronald Russell*, Harry Martin*, Daniel Miller, Leo Hallal, Michael
2012 Richard Brooks, Mel Gosse*, Larry Gullett (H), Mark Hallett*,
Noel Grandy, Doug Hamilton, Georges Samara
2013 Adam Kennefic, Gary MacNeil, Levent Sun, Mark Chedrawe